News Stories 2015

London Produce Show se afianza como una feria ineludible

La feria multifacética London Produce Show and Conference (LPS16) fue lanzada por la revista Produce Business y el consorcio Fresh Produce Consortium en 2014 para reenfocar la atención del mundo en uno de los mercados de destino líderes de producción hortofrutícola, el Reino Unido. Creada como feria hermana de la feria de New York Produce Show and Conference —que se celebra en diciembre en la Gran Manzana— los organizadores del certamen supieron [...]

Student programme shines light on key industry need

The only downside for me of being involved in the organisation of an event like the London Produce Show and Conference is that I can’t take part in every single part of it. The same applies to anyone who attended of course, but having been involved in most things as we stitched together our targeted content, it is a little frustrating afterwards to have only second-hand feedback (however good it is) on [...]

Central American SMEs zero in on UK buyers with CBI support

The signing of new Free Trade Agreements between the European Union and several Central American governments provided the impetus in 2012 for the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) to launch an aggressive export programme for the region’s agri-food industry. Three years on, Produce Business UK catches up with CBI to learn what the companies involved in the scheme have to offer the UK now. Click here to [...]

Tour in supermarkets in London

A tour of the main supermarkets of London and their fruit and vegetable departments allows us to understand the trends of large retailers in one of the major European cities. During the London Produce Retail Show Tour which was held on June 8th at the second edition of London dedicated to the marketing of fresh produce we could realize this photographic reportage to document some novelty in supermarkets for fresh products, the [...]


El evento London Produce Show and Conference, que se celebró en Londres, recibió en su versión de este año los sabores y colores de la cocina dominicana. Durante la celebración, tuvo lugar una semana dominicana, siete días cargados de los sabores, aromas y sensaciones que proporcionan los ingredientes de producción local, que se exportan a la capital inglesa. Me siento honrada con la invitación que me hiciera la embajada dominicana en Londres, [...]

Apple Season up 9%, retailers stocking English

The latest apple season was surprisingly good, about 9% larger than the previous year, and the entire crop of dessert apples was sold three to four weeks earlier than forecast, which was ‘excellent’ according to Adrian Barlow, English Apples and Pears. “Ultimately our sales to multiples were four percent higher. With first of all a lot of support from UK retailers. I think our campaigns have been extremely successful in terms of [...]

“Hass is also now the dominant variety, with year round supply.” Huge avocado consumption possible

Hass avocados have become a strong item for open market and retail clients for Pacific Produce, according to Rob Cullum. “It’s been a good start to the Peruvian season, with high demand due to lower volumes from the northern hemisphere creating a shortage. Prices are pretty much back to normal now as volumes from Peru and RSA increase ,” he told Fresh Plaza at the London Produce Show. Peru has a very [...]

Chefs’ Forum Demo Stage stars at The London Produce Show

Last week saw The Chefs’ Forum Demo Stage host a series of cookery demonstrations at The London Produce Show, celebrating fresh produce from some of the best chefs in the country. Master Chef of Great Britain, and Chefs’ Forum Committee Member, Peter Gorton introduced each chef and compared their dish.  Show visitors and members of the media were treated to a round the world trip of culinary excellence from Nikkei cuisine to [...]

Hari Ghotra’s Roasted Whole Head Cauliflower

On June 4th, we sponsored the amazing Indian cuisine chef, Hari Ghotra, at the London Produce Show live chef demo. In January, we wrote a blog post with six recipes demonstrating why 2015 will be the year of cauliflower. When we discovered that Hari was also a fan of cauliflower creations, making the decision to sponsor her whole head cauliflower recipe demo was a no-brainer. Hari wasn’t trained in a typical way, [...]

New software solution for fresh produce management

Affinitus has announced the launch of a new software solution for fruit and vegetable growers and distributors, Agrilogik, which has been designed to make the management of fresh produce information straightforward, from quality control data to the latest harvest updates. Click here to read full article.