News Stories 2015

Amazon roars in the global market of fresh

According to the research "Global trends and forecast 2015", presented today at the London Produce Show and Conference 2015, in 2019 the American giant of e-commerce will become the second big retailer after Walmart robbing the place at Carrefour. Click here to read the full story.

Prison-inspired paper cutlery could transform fresh-cut offer in the UK

UK disposable cutlery manufacturer Plastico is introducing a new paper-based concept for fresh-cut produce that is created from a sheet of flat paper The need to supply prisons with disposable cutlery that could, by no stretch of the imagination, be turned into a weapon may seem an unlikely way to go about finding a new concept for the fresh produce sector. But this is exactly what happened when UK firm Plastico went looking [...]

THE RISE OF INDIA An Opportunity For Producers As Retailers Will Compete For The Best Produce Future Group’s Sumit Saran Presents At The London Produce Show And Conference

There are countless efforts in Europe and America and other mature markets to increase consumption of fresh produce. To the best of our knowledge, none of these have worked. If you talk to the people who run these various programs you will know the cat is out of the bag when you ask about increases in consumption and get back statistics as to how many plastic bags had a logo or how [...]

London Produce Show US company introduction to UK organic market

Access to the best food and produce in the world is the goal of USA Food & Produce Worldwide, Inc., a leading export and trading company based in Bakersfield, CA. Attendance at the London Produce Show is a forward step in the company’s strategy to serve over 120 countries in Europe as well as the Middle East, Africa and Asia by 2019. In addition, Benny Michael, president and chief executive officer, says, “primarily [...]

Graham Garrett – the David Bowie of restaurants

A Michelin-starred chef for 12 years, The West House's owner and executive chef Graham Garrett is a man of many talents and tales. Here, the rock-star-turned-restaurateur east-end London boy tells Produce Business UK how he ended up in Kent, what fresh produce trends and dining destinations make him tick and why communication with suppliers and growers is the most important thing for chefs. Click here to read the full story. 

Jackson pinpoints areas where retailers can make a real difference

The London Produce Show welcomes Jeff Jackson to its speaker line-up this week with a not-to-be-missed presentation on food and retail trends. Jackson has an unparalleled business background with Fresh Express and the Castellini Group in the US, Chiquita in Asia, Middle East, South Pacific and more recently the M Group in Australia. With a passion for the evolution of the fresh food industry and for global food security, he explores the [...]

Looking to produce

The S.C. Agriculture Department is borrowing a page from the Chick fil-A marketing playbook as it heads across the pond to attend a budding U.K. trade show. In this instance, the tagline might be, “Eat more perishables.” The state agency will have a booth at this week’s London Produce Show and Conference that will be staffed by the boss himself, Commissioner Hugh Weathers. He’ll be joined by Sonny Dickinson, the agency’s assistant [...]

Pico showcases black Sable

Egypt’s Pico will be highlighting new grape varieties that have enabled it to extend the supply season to the UK at the upcoming London Produce Show. Click here to read the full story.

Egyptian grape varieties showcased at London Produce Show

PICO will be present at this year’s London Produce Show, which takes place in London’s Grosvenor House Hotel from 3-5 June, as part of a sizeable delegation of Sun World affiliated companies. As one of Sun World’s exclusive licensees and growers in Egypt, PICO will use the show to highlight the newest additions to its Sun World varietal offer, including Sable, Midnight Beauty and Red Superior, as well as a trial plantation [...]