Christian is a creative chef and food designer who works on developing sustainable and healthy food concepts. For the last nine years he has been running his own restaurant Puur-e, which is an abbreviation for ‘Pure Ede’ (Ede being Christian’s hometown in the Netherlands), and a reference to his love for locally-produced ingredients.

As a chef, Christian is inquisitive and likes to think outside the box. This has led him to specialise in the use of natural products and the fermentation of food. Over the last seven years he has focused almost solely on the fermentation process, which has made him a much sought after speaker and lecturer on the subject.

In 2015, he published the first Dutch book about fermentation, titled ‘Verrot Lekker’. As a result, many Dutch people have started using this age-old technique again. Christian has also given fermentation lessons to many Dutch and Belgian Michelin starred-chefs.

When cooking, Christian always likes to use products that other chefs might traditionally throw away. For example, he makes a delicious kimchi from cauliflower leaves.