On June 4th, we sponsored the amazing Indian cuisine chef, Hari Ghotra, at the London Produce Show live chef demo. In January, we wrote a blog post with six recipes demonstrating why 2015 will be the year of cauliflower. When we discovered that Hari was also a fan of cauliflower creations, making the decision to sponsor her whole head cauliflower recipe demo was a no-brainer. Hari wasn’t trained in a typical way, she cooks with a deep passion she acquired from cooking with her “mum” (her mother) at a young age. Some of Hari’s fondest memories were made cooking and learning in the kitchen with her mother. Her passion for cooking runs deep as part of her Indian heritage and culture. Hari’s goal? To get more people back in the kitchen to keep the skill of cooking alive in a world where convenience is king. Click here to read the full story.