Show Ambassador – Owner/Chef School of Wok The young and talented Chef Jeremy Pang is the owner and founder of School of Wok, a cookery school in the heart of Covent Garden specialising in teaching Eastern cuisine. The recent winner of The British Cookery School’s Best Young Rising Star, Pang will soon debut his highly anticipated cookery book, Chinese UnChopped at the London Produce Show 2015. Being surrounded by food connoisseurs all of his life Pang developed his passion for food and quickly realised the importance and correlation between basic cooking skills and eating well. He attributes his love of food to his father, who was keen for him to experience exciting flavours and exotic foods whilst he was a young boy. Pang’s ability to bring food to life with his laid back, straight forward approach and delicious recipes has helped him build an ever-growing and thriving school, as well as a rising public profile. As the show ambassador, Pang will take part in the opening cocktail reception at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane on June 3, before officially opening the show’s main event at the ribbon cutting ceremony, at the Five-star venue’s Great Room on June 4. Pang will also host the Media Masterclass with the launch of his book Chinese UnChopped. Jeremy is sponsored by Rokewood Ltd, who have been producing oriental vegetables since 1987 with a produce portfolio that includes over 20 different varieties, the most popular being Pak Choi (Bok Choy). Other leading vegetables include Tat Soi, Choi Sum, Kai Choi (Chinese mustard), Kai Lan (Chinese Broccoli), Chinese Celery and Tong Ho. The demand for Oriental food in the UK has grown steadily over the past three decades and Rokewood Ltd has grown with it. Nowadays, it is not just restaurants that seek Oriental produce, both Chinese and English supermarkets also buy from Rokewood Ltd. rokewood_logo