Aleksandar heads up the USAID Competitive Economy Project in Serbia, a four-year initiative to strengthen the competitiveness of the Serbian food processing industry, particularly the fruit and vegetable value chains, with the goal of increasing sales and exports of Serbian food products on both domestic and international markets.

In his role as Project Director, Aleksandar oversees the overall technical strategy development and project management of this USAID Competitive Economy Project.

Previously, he served as a Project Director for a US$24 million USAID programme in southern Africa, working on developing an agricultural commodity exchange system and the integration of smallholder farmers into organised supply chains.

Aleksandar also served as the Senior Public Private Partnership Advisor for a US$54 million flagship USAID/World Bank project in Ethiopia, overseeing innovative initiatives to stimulate private sector agribusiness investments.

Aleksandar also has extensive experience in finance and agricultural market development from India, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, having served as a Senior Technical Director for ACDI/VOCA in Washington DC for more than five years.

Aleksandar specialises in trade, finance and private sector development, and has directly contributed to the success of several USAID and World Bank projects.