Matthew is Business Development Manager at Greencell, which forms part of the Westfalia group – one of the world’s largest avocado producers with a vertically integrated chain of supply from grower to customer.

Matthew is in his twenty-third year in the fresh produce industry, having worked through a variety of diverse roles at Greencell throughout this period, including Product, Ripening, Technical and Commercial Management and, most recently, Business Development Management.

From its packing facilities in Spalding, Lincolnshire, and offices and storage facilities in Kent, Greencell handles a vast array of produce. Throughout his career Matthew has specialised in avocados, mangoes and kiwifruit.

Before joining the produce industry, Matthew studied 3-Dimensional Design. This creative background, alongside the experience and knowledge gained in his career to date, enabled Matthew to make a natural move into business development in 2017.

In turn, this ensures that Greencell continues to strive forward with its innovation and development work-streams across all areas of the business, which is an important part of the quality and service that Greencell offers its customers and growers.

Matthew lives in London and enjoys hobbies that include horticulture and agronomy. He feels fortunate that these interests overlap considerably with his professional career.