Steven is the founder of London-based healthy food business Farmstand – a values-led, online and offline company established in 2016 with sustainability at its roots.

Born in the USA, Steven grew up within a working class family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, across the street from a farm. When diagnosed with cancer in 2006 he decided to change how he ate but he found sourcing healthy food difficult.

Before receiving the all-clear, Steven set three goals: to become closer to friends and family, to finish climbing the Seven Summits, and to build a healthy, sustainable food business.

Farmstand takes its inspiration from the roadside stalls of the American Midwest. Its 20+ locations across London serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, juice, coffee, wine and free-filtered water. Some 80% of Farmstand’s menu is vegan, 5% is fish and 15% is meat. The menu is also free from gluten, dairy and added sugar.

Farmstand claims to have 0% landfill waste, its full-time team are owners of the business, and women account for 50% of the team and the Board.