Brian Rajasinghe is Business Development Manager at MTJ London. He began his career working in telecommunications as a Business Analyst for bSkyb and Vodafone. In 2016, he changed his career path, becoming Head of Sourcing for Asia at MTJ Global, an organic food manufacturing conglomerate with global operations spanning from Asia to South America.

Since then, Brian has set up his own direct source organic food distribution and food innovation company called MTJ London. Under his management, MTJ London has gone from strength to strength; supplying various organic food and drink products to major industry names, such as: Costco, Walmart, Albert Heijn, Metro, Arpico and various other retailers. MTJ London also claims to be behind the success of many ingredients suppliers all over the world.

Brian has an extensive knowledge of the farming, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of organic food. He takes pride in working with a farmers union called the Farmers First Alliance to promote sustainable, eco-friendly food developments for the future. This project is currently promoting jackfruit (via Meet The Jackfruit) as a sustainable food source for the growing vegan market.