Gert Mulder, CEO, Fresh Produce Centre (GroentenFruitHuis), The Netherlands

Gert Mulder is the CEO of the Fresh Produce Centre (GroentenFruitHuis) in the Netherlands, and its predecessor Frugi Venta since 2011.

After his graduation from Wageningen University, Gert’s career traversed through different stages. Starting out as a researcher at the University of Groningen, he then secured a position at the Plant Protection Service, followed by the inspection organisation NAK. These jobs allowed Gert to become involved in international trade issues and trade agreements on both a national and European level.

Next, Gert moved into the commercial sector when he became the managing director of Agrifirm/Cavo Latuco, a cooperative in the horti-business; and later of the Waterdrinker Group, a specialist company specialised in the import and export of pot plants.

During his career, Gert has demonstrated strong skills in concept development and implementation, as well as innovation. In addition, he is very driven to achieve results.

For Gert, the activities of each member company of the Fresh Produce Centre are indispensable to ensure a successful horticultural chain right from seed to consumer. Equally, he believes that international trade links both national and international producers and retailers in order to provide consumers with tasty, fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables.