Sarah Wasserman works as Head of Development and Head of the Central Kitchen for Mildreds, a small chain of vegetarian and vegan restaurants based in London, with branches in Soho, Camden, Kings Cross and Dalston.

Sarah has been involved in the food industry for over 20 years, primarily, but not exclusively, for vegetarian and vegan businesses. She has worked both in the UK and the USA for large organisations, such a Whole Foods Market, as well as small owner-operated businesses, like Manna in Primrose Hill.
Sarah has been with Mildreds, with some breaks, for just over 10 years. Together with the chain’s executive chef, Daniel Acevedo, she co-authored both the ‘Mildreds Cookbook’ and ‘Mildreds Vegan Cookbook’.

During her career, Sarah has contributed vegetarian and vegan recipes to a diverse range of magazines, including: Foodism, Men’s Heath, Women’s Health, Delicious and Red Magazine.